List of 7 Popular TCP/IP Protocol Suite

Numerous application services have been developed for the internet TCP/IP protocol suite. The most popular internet applications are e-mail, browsing the sites on the World Wide Web, and participating in special internet newsgroups.

The figure illustrates the layering structure of the TCP/TP protocol suite to include a few of the application services included in the protocol suite. The popular TCP/IP protocols are described below.

TCP/IP protocol suite

1. HTTP (hypertext Transport Protocol)

The WWW organizes internet-related resources for multimedia information, education, entertainment, electronic commerce, etc. The HTTP conveys information between a Web browser and a Web Server.

2. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

E-mail is the process of exchanging messages and files among millions of internet users; SMTP is used for e-mails on the internet.

3. FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

FTP is an internet tool for transferring data

  • Files,
  • Programs,
  • Reports,
  • Articles,
  • Magazines,
  • Books,
  • Pictures,
  • Sounds, and

other types of files from thousands of sources.

The process of transferring a file from a network computer to the user’s computer is called downloading and the reverse process is known as uploading.


It provides remote terminal access to internet hosts. With this software tool, one can log on to and use thousands of internet computers around the world.

TCP/IP Protocol Suite
TCP/IP Protocol Suite

5. POP (Post Office Protocol)

It enables PC users to access mail from a mail server.

6. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)

It provides the exchange of information for the management of a network itself.

7. Other Applications

Internet Relay Chat for real-time text conversations with intentioned users,

  • Long-distance phone calls at nominal costs
  • Desktop video-conferencing
  • Listening to radio programs
  • Watching television
  • Enjoying films and games
  • Exploring listening to radio programs
  • Enjoying films and games

exploring the virtual world, etc.

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