What is an Intranet? and Intranet Objective

Do you know what is an intranet? In a common word, an intranet uses internet technology to deliver an organization’s internal information. This includes integration of e-mail, FTP, Mail Server, and Web server with the internal application.

The user interface for the intranet is provided by web browsers. Web servers are the most visible part of the intranet since this is where the organization’s web pages would be hosted and accessed by the clients.

What is an Intranet
What is an Intranet

What is an intranet objective

The objective of an intranet is to organize an individual’s desktop with minimal cost, time, and effort to be more productive, cost-efficient, timely, and competitive. With an intranet, access to all information, applications, and data can be made available through the same browser.

Intranets connect propel together with internet technology, using web servers, Web browsers, and data warehouses in a single view. All clients and servers of intranets must support the TCP/IP protocol.

An intranet does not have to be connected to the internet. However, moving mail and other information across the internet to clients and partners might be needed and an internet connection is desirable.

The internet is always starved of bandwidth, but intranets, even on the slowest LANs with a bandwidth of 10 Mbps, have no bandwidth issues. An application designed for the intranet may be choked on the internet, while those for the internet may run in a flash on an intranet.

Since the internet is an open environment, security is a major issue. Intranets, on the other hand, are secured and confined to an organization.

The internets provide a lot of choice and flexibility. Existing applications do not have to be rewritten to the new client-server environments. The new version of word processors, spreadsheets, and database programs have built-in internet capabilities.

A web page can be produced from an existing document by simply saving it as an HTML document. However, policies for using technology within an organization are extremely important.

The security of the intranet environment is provided through the Secure Socket layer (SSL), Secure Electronic Transactions (SET), and Secure MIME (S/MIME) to provide confidentiality, data integrity, authentication, and digital signatures. Access to internal information systems from outside can be regulated through the installation of firewalls.

Finance, sales, and marketing, manufacturing, research and development, personnel, and customer support departments of an organization may be benefited from intranets.

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