13 LAN Standards which are Commercially Available

Several standards for LANs are commercially available. Most of the LAN standards were developed by a committee known as IEEE 802, sponsored by the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) of the USA.

All the standards have subsequently been adopted as international standards by ISO (the international organization for standardization). Some of the commercially available LANs are listed below:

LAN standards

  1. 10 Base5:  Bus Topology, Data rate-10 Mbps, Medium-coaxial cable
  2. 10 base2: Bus Topology, Data rate-10 Mbps, Medium-coaxial cable
  3. 10 Base-T: Star Topology, Data rate-10 Mbps, Medium-UTP
  4. 10 Bases FPStar Topology. Data rate-10 Mbps, Medium-fiber Optic cable
  5. FDDI: Ring Topology, Data rate-100 Mbps, Medium-Fiber optic cable
  6. 100 AG-Any LAN:  Start Topology, Data rate-100 Mbps, Medium-Twisted Pair, and Fiberoptic Cable.
  7. 100 base TX: Star wired Bus (also called Fast Ethernet), Data rate-100 Mbps, Medium-Optical fiber and twisted pair.
  8. 100 Base F:  Star Topology, Data rate-100 Mbps, Medium-fiber optic cable and UTP
  9. 1000 Base LX: Gigabit Ethernet, Data rate-1000 Mbps, Medium-Fiber cable
  10. 1000 Base SX:  Gigabit Ethernet, Data rate-1000 Mbps, Medium-Fiber optic cable
  11. 1000 Base CX:  Gigabit Ethernet, Data rate- 1000 Mbps, Medium-Twisted pair cable
  12. 1000 Base-TX: Gigabit Ethernet, Data are-1000 Mbps, Medium-Twisted pair cable
  13. ATM LAN: Star Topology, Data rate-Scalable up to several hundred Mbps, Medium-Fiber optic cable
Lan standards
Lan standards

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