Problems Encountered in SDLC throughout the Process

One may have the impression that by simply following a recipe a system can be developed in fact inexperienced analysts sometimes have the impression that there is a formula for developing systems. Let’s know the problems encountered in SDLC (System Development Life Cycle)

Problems encountered in SDLC

Each system is unique; no one formula can fit every project. It would be correct to say that there are guidelines.

Problems Encountered in SDLC

Historically, even analysts who followed the guidelines were not always successful in developing systems. System analysts have been embarrassed to find that they were not always good at estimating time, so schedules constantly slipped (budget overruns are one of the obvious results of schedules).

Some observers, in fact, think that system analysis is so ambiguous that analysts do not even know when they are finished. Sometimes it seems that the definition of project completion is the point at which analysts have run out of time on the schedule.

Another frequent problem has been imperfect communication between analysts and users. Poor completion results in poorly defined specifications, which, results in a supposedly complete system that does not do what the user expects.

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