Future Trend of Processor Architecture

The future trend of processor architecture is explored in this section. Some future architectures are:

  • Advanced Superscalar processor
  • Super speculative Processor
  • Simultaneous Multithreaded (SMT) Processor
  • Trance Processor
  • Vector IRAM Processor
  • Raw processor.

The circumstances in which processor designs will find themselves in the next years are truly daunting. In the future, microprocessors having more than a billion transistors on a single chip will present opportunities for a new level of computing capability.

At the same time, it is important to mention that over the next few years’ media processing will become the dominant force in computer architecture and microprocessor design.

Future trend of processor architecture

The dramatically different nature and demands of media processing will force profound changes and it is difficult to look ahead to the next generation.

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