8 Most Important Characteristics of a Computer System

A computer is the most used and power full tool in our day-to-day life for its various characteristics. So, here we describe some most important characteristics of a computer below:

Characteristics of a computer

1. Automatic

Most of its algorithm is automatic and the computer is most famous for its automatic characteristics. This is one of the major causes that’s why the computer has huge popularity.

2. Speed

Speed is another great fetcher of computers. It can work really first. A task that humans need a year to complete but the computer only needs a day.

3. Accuracy

The computer can calculate accurately, infect this accuracy is the most important reason that’s why it is more popular nowadays in every aspect of our life.

4. Diligence

This kind of character can be found in every kind of machine. A computer can work restlessly. It doesn’t need to rest like a human or any other animal.

Characteristics of a computer
Characteristics of a computer

5. Versatility

As I said before, the computer has a wide range of use in our life. It can be used for various purposes. Actually, we can’t even think of our life without a computer. From scientific research to daily homework in every aspect of our life, the computer has lots of use.

6. Power of remembering

This is one of the most important characteristics of a computer. Day by day the capability of data storage of a computer is raising. Now the general size of a hard disk is one terabit. Although computer scientists are working to improve this capacity.

7. No IQ

Everyone knows that a computer has no IQ. It can’t work by itself without any command by a human. You can describe it as a disadvantage of the computer.

8. No Feelings

Like any machine, a computer has no feelings like a human. The computer can not measure is right or wrong. Yes, this is a negative fact but this is also a common characteristic of computers.

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