5 Illegal and Controversial Computer Related Issues

Illegal and controversial computer related Issues are the greatest threat to modern computing development because society depends very much upon the computational and information processing skills of computers.

The benefits of using computers are obvious and have been discussed above. However, the computer revolution has generated intense controversies.

Some of these heated controversies. Some of these heated controversies are listed below:

  • Privacy and misuse of personal information
  • Monitoring data on job activates
  • Electronic fund transfer and cashless society
  • Effect of automation on job
  • Computer crimes.


This is one of the most important illegal and controversial computer related issues.

A great deal of data about individuals is stored in computers, and the trend to store such data is increasing. Some of the data are of personal or private nature and there is a natural concern that they should not be misused.

Some countries have passed or are about to pass the data protection act and create data protection authority to stop the misuse of personal data and to cheek violation of privacy.

Computer Monitoring

In computer monitoring, computers continuously gather and assimilate data and job activities to measure the performance of the employees. Computer monitoring has proved itself a useful tool for increasing productivity.

However, workers usually complain that being constantly observed and analyzed by a computer automatically adds unnecessary stress to them.

Cashless society

In electronic fund transfer (EFT) money is transferred electronically from bank to bank and from account to account by computers. The use of automatic teller machines (ATM) and payroll transfer systems are increasing.

Some banks offer home banking services through their computers. Money may be eliminated in the future resulting in a cashless society! It has some advantages, but the critical issue Is the misuse of personal information as the system needs everything from a person’s lifestyle to his or her location to be monitored.

Jobs and unemployment Issues

Computers usually affect the work of staff within the organization. As a result, some jobs may be created and some may be lost. This creates a demand for training and retraining. Loss of jobs owing to computerization gives rise to alarm.

However, only a very small proportion of unemployment is directly caused by new technology. In certain applications, jobs likely to be lost are solemn office and factory jobs.

Whether job losses result in permanent unemployment is another matter. It depends on the process of reemployment and retraining of the affected persons.

Computer Crimes

There are many types of computer crimes. However, three aspects of computer crimes are often reported and deserve attention because of their social importance. They are:

  • Hacking and computer fraud
  • Computer viruses
  • Copyright piracy.

The term “hacker” identifies a programmer who works in a skillful but illegal way. The name has become associated with individuals who make a hobby of marking unauthorized access to computer systems.

This anti-social behavior often leads to loss and inconvenience to the individuals. Legislation has been passed in many countries to make hacking illegal.

The technique used by hackers to bypass system security is similar to those used by individuals concerned with computer fraud.  Computer systems should be made as safe and secure as possible against hacking, fraud, and viruses.

A computer virus is a program that attaches itself to another program. It replicates itself and causes undesirable effects on the programs it becomes attached to. Computer viruses usually infect systems by disks that have been infected.

When a virus-infected program is run the virus, modifies its host, and also replicates itself. Some viruses are merely annoying. Others cause the date to be corrupted or deleted. There are many virus detection and protection packages in use.

Software piracy is the use of unauthorized copies of software. It is like any other breach of copyright and the individuals responsible can face stiff penalties. Many countries, including Bangladesh, passed a regulation to prevent software copyright piracy.

Illegal and controversial computer related issues
Illegal and Controversial Computer Related Issues

Challenges for the Future Computer Applications

The outlook for innovative and beneficial computer applications is very bright. The area of applications that are socially, economically, and technologically feasible is expanding steadily.

The use and expansion of computer networks and online databases will tremendously influence business, communications, office automation, manufacturing, retail and financial services, publishing, transportation, health care, government and administration, education, entertainment, etc. Artificial intelligence will eventually revolutionize computing in the future generation.

Computers can improve the quality of life and contribute to improving our economy. The challenge is to harness the power of computers and direct them to the benefit of society.

The poor countries find it difficult to invest money in expanding computer education and computerization. However, careful steps are essential to use computers to improve the productivity and the socio-economic condition of our society.

Hope you find all illegal and controversial computer related issues. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below.

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