What is Alphanumeric Code with List

Alphanumeric codes are also known as character codes but called. These are mainly binary codes. We should know what is alphanumeric code and the list of alphanumeric codes is to get a clear idea about this type of code.

What is Alphanumeric Code

Various 8-bit codes have been developed for representing characters and digits. They are called alphanumeric codes. Each coded character or byte is normally divided into four zone bits and four 8-4-2-1 numeric bits, as shown.

Zone bitsNumeric bits
Z Z Z Z8 4 2 1

More generally, the word ‘byte’ is used to denote any group of eight bits. It is seen that a byte may be represented by two hexadecimal digits, the first corresponding to the zone bits and the second to numeric bits.

There are two 8-bit alphanumeric codes that predominate in the computer industry today. They are ASCII and EBCDIC. EBCDIC is pronounced ‘ebb-see-dick’ and is short for Extended Binary-Coded Decimal Interchange Code. This Code, developed by IBM, is used mainly by IBM-compatible computer systems.

ASCII is pronounced ‘ass-key’ and is short for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. This code was developed as a 7-bit standardization of various special codes. It is used mainly by personal computer systems. Take a look at the ASCII code for 0 to 9 and A to Z only.

In this system, a digit has its binary representation as to the numeric portion of its code. For the zone portion of the digits, ASCII uses 0011 as shown in the table. The zone bits for the characters A to Z can also be observed from the table.

Alphanumeric code list

What is Alphanumeric Code
Alphanumeric code for 0 to 9 and A to Z only.

Unicode: Unicode is a sixteen-bit code. It is designed to support international languages (like Bangla, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc) many of the international languages have too many characters to be represented by eight-bit ASCII and EBCDIC codes.

Unicode, a 16-bit code system, is developed by Unicode Inc. with support from Apple, IBM, and Microsoft and is standardized by ISO.

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