Speed and Efficiency of Input / Output Operations

Applications of computers in business are characterized by limited computations and by the large volume of data that are input to, and output from computers. Handling volumes of data is one of the functions of the I/O devices, supporting a computer. The speed and efficiency of input and output operations are described below:

These devices are responsible for sensing or reading data from the input media and converting the data into a form that the computers stored data into information that can be read and understood by users.

I/O devices perform significant functions and form an indispensable part of a computer system. The faster one can input data to the computer, the more efficiently the computer will function and the faster output can be obtained.

Thus it is essential to be familiar with the various I/O devices and know what devices are available for different applications and when to use each. Different media are used to record data associated with different I/O devices.

Specific details of I/O devices are presented with a purpose in mind. Such specific information is included in the specifications available from vendors.

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